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Google is expensive on your own.


Search Engine Optimization is nearly impossible in today's internet world (SEO)


South Florida has (3) large communities | Cost effective to advertise in a directory


South Florida Mobile Notary Inc advertises all over the internet


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Frequently asked questions:
For Google SEO purposes we purposely choose and built out this website on this choice of words.  Google SEO picks up the Mobile Notary and clients choose Affordable... each and everytime.  We rank very high for all mobile notary keywords in South Florida.  BONUS:  Both high ranking website to get your name out there and increase income and no additional costs to you.

Google is expensive.  To keep our services reasonable for clients we can't afford to each advertise on Google, Bing, Ask and other search engines.  It's a new world now.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is practically impossible on the internet in today's world without a big advertising budget. 
We serve South Florida only.  South Florida has (3) large communites: Miami-Dade | Broward | Palm Beach.  It's cost effective to advertise with us.

South Florida Mobile Notary Inc mobile notary serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, advertises all over the internet.  We have actual sales reps out on the pavement getting us clients each and everyday. 

You bet!  We do active Google and Bing ads, marketing mailers and even have 2 reps on staff to actually hit all attorney offices, title companies and real esate offices.
Is the first month really free?

It sure is.  We want to get your listing online.  You can make any changes.  Just email us to update your listing.  We accept checks, paypal (our most economical) and credit cards.  We are able to send to you LIVE CALLS AND LEADS from day one.
How much can I charge?

The fee of a notary public may not exceed $10 for any one notarial act, except as provided in s. 117.045.  You charge your own rates, mileage and traveling fee if you wish.  Your own listing can detail your prices, or you can request that the client call your directly to discuss.  Each notary attests to when they sign up that they are notaries, in good standing with the State of Florida and hold South Florida Mobile Notary Inc not responsible.  We are a referral website only.
How much money can I make?
Honestly you can make a nice income.  On average our notaries charge $95.  Of course you charge what you would like based on your location or services requested.  But one notary a month pays for your listing and referral calls.  The rest of the month is pure profit to you.  Of course bring your business card to each notary and repeat business is guaranteed.  Even if you do 5 notaries a week, that's nearly $2,000 income per month for minimal time.
I see you have a toll free number on the website.  Can I sign up to receive referrals from callers for my area?

Yes.  Actually it is a great way to generate income.  Phone calls are "NOW" calls.  Ready to purchase.  Needs a notary.  If you sign up for our Insight Value Deal with all 3 listings, your company will be referred calls in that area.
How can I become a Notary?  Sounds like a great source of income?

Please email us directly for the best notary services and prices.
Anything else I need to be aware of?

To keep costs down and to keep us revelant on SEO and all the search engines, we do ask every client to add our website link to your own website.  We can even supply a nice little image to attach our link to.  Just ask your web designer to add the link to your home page, or footer page.  When you sign up, please advise where the link is located to verify. 
That's it!  Sign Up Today.  This can be a lucrative business. 
For the $99 Value Deal, you will easily get this fee back.
Low costs - Give it a try for Free!

Any questions, please give us a call or use the form below.